Environment & Community
Environment & Community

Our Philosophy

Maximizing shareholder value while maintaining social and environmentally responsible business practices are the basic tenets of our corporate philosophy.

African Queen Mines Ltd. follows socially responsible business practices to the achievement of an important conservation goal; conserving and restoring areas of biodiversity-rich landscape in Canada and Africa. This represents a perfect marriage of social and environmental responsibility and sound business practices.

We're focused on creating and sustaining a profitable business entity. We'll always do this while seeking to make life and living conditions better than when we found them. African Queen Mines Ltd. is supportive of the cultures and traditions of the countries in which we chose to do business. We are socially and environmentally sensitive to the needs of the people and the environment.
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Marketing Director - Vancouver
Lee Dunston
(604) 788-0300

Corporate Communications, Europe
Carrie Howes
London: +44 7780 602 788
Dubai: +971 55 997 0427



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