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Corporate Information

Where can I get information on the company?
For more information on this web site please refer to the About African Queen Mines section. If you would like to have information sent to you please contact our marketing director Lee Dunston (604) 899-0100 ext. 7 or

For complete filings information refer to
(In the company Name field, type "African Queen Mines ". Then click the "Search" button.)

Where is African Queen Mines Ltd. incorporated?
African Queen Mines Ltd. is incorporated in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Where is African Queen Mines Ltd's. corporate headquarters?
African Queen Mines Ltd.
Box 19040
Delta, B.C.
V4L 2P8

Tel: (604) 788-0300

Investor, Financial and Legal Information

Where does African Queen Mines Ltd's. common stock trade?
Common stock trades on the Toronto Ventures Exchange (TSX) under the stock symbol AQ.V.

How do I purchase African Queen Mines Ltd's. common stock?
Since African Queen Mines Ltd. does not have a direct stock purchase plan, you can buy shares of African Queen Mines Ltd. by contacting any retail stockbroker.

Does African Queen Mines Ltd. pay a dividend on its common stock?
No, African Queen Mines Ltd. does not currently pay dividends on its common stock.

When does African Queen Mines Ltd's. fiscal year end?
September 30.

I am a potential African Queen Mines Ltd's. investor. How can I receive information?
Please contact our investor relations representative at (604) 788-0300 or via email at . You can also request specific information and documents though the info section of this website.

Who is African Queen Mines Ltd.'s auditor?
African Queen Mines Ltd. uses the firm of Morgan and Company as their auditors.

Who is African Queen Mines Ltd's. transfer agent and how do I contact them?
Pacific Corporate Trust is the Company's current transfer agent. They can help with a variety of shareholder-related services. You should contact them for any of the following:
  • Change of address
  • Transfer ownership of stock
  • Request stock certificate(s)
  • Request account statement
Pacific Corporate Trust
510 Burrard St., 3rd floor
Vancouver, BC V6C 3B9
Tel. 604-689-9853

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